Recognised throughout the industry, Distein is an industry-leading manufacturer of tree marking paints. Suitable for use by professional arborists, they offer a wide range of neon paint colours that can be seen from a distance and are easy to apply.

Each Distein paint has been mixed to an intense brightness - ensuring they can be identified at all angles and reducing the risk of miscommunication. Suitable for marking trees or labelling items such as timber stacks, we provide a wide selection of professional paint supplies for your individual requirements.

These high-quality tree marking paints are supplied with unique writing spray nozzles. Allowing you to detail each specimen with the right sign, message or note, they are easy to use, practical and a vital tool in many aspects of arborist work. All Distein paints are entirely weatherproof and promise to adhere to their chosen surface even with humid subsoil or when placed in direct sunlight. In addition, they provide a full-coverage finish with a high spreading rate and have been tested against frost up to -20 degrees Celsius.

Manufactured in Germany, our selection of Distein products are here to support the commercial arboricultural environment. Reducing the effect on the environment while allowing you to complete any job smoothly, they are a practical addition to your work resources.

Contact us today for more information about Distein or any of the products listed on our website. With over 10 years of experience in the trade, we are here to provide information, advice and tips at all times.

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