DMM PerfectO Locksafe - Pink

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Continuing on from the success of previous years, DMM have produced a pink product to help raise money for the 'Against Breast Cancer' charity. This year (2018) they have taken their already awesome PerfectO karabiner and given it a pink make-over! This karabiner is a true oval shape connector with a locksafe gate and comes complete with an etched Against Breast Cancer ribbon logo.

DMM will donate 5% of all sales to 'Against Breast Cancer', which I'm sure you'll agree will be a great help to the charity. Grab yours today and rock the pink! It's definitely your colour!

  • DMM PerfectO Locksafe - Pink

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·       Pink - 'For Against Breast Cancer'

·       Locksafe gate

·       True oval shape

·       Against Breast Cancer ribbon logo - etched

·       5% of sales go to 'Against Breast Cancer'

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