DMM Eccentric Pulley - Red

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The Hitch Climber Eccentric is an evolution of the classic Triple Attachment Pulley that became widely known as the ‘Hitch Climber’.

The design improvements are the result of over a decade of Hitch Climber design and manufacturing expertise, together with feedback from climbers.

The new geometry offers greater efficiency combined with a striking aesthetic. The ‘pushing plates’ will advance your friction hitch earlier and the optimised fairlead flairs direct rope towards the sheave when tending slack.

Also features a large sheave with an efficient roller bearing and a stainless steel axle.

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  • DMM Eccentric Pulley - Red

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·       Red colour

·       Dimension 99 x 76mm 

·       Weight 76g 

·       Rope range 7-14mm

·       MBS 32kN

·       WLL 6kN

·       EN12278:2007

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