DMM Daisy Chain 135cm

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  • DMM Daisy Chain 135cm

A specialist piece of climbing equipment, our DMM Daisy Chain is a must-have for any arborist. When it comes to your protection and safety at work, these chains are a vital resource. They have been manufactured for specific use by a well-respected and recognised brand, giving you peace of mind during even the tallest climbs.

Each chain has been manufactured from 11mm Dyneema - a high-molecular-weight polyethene also known as the stronger and lightest thermoplastic on the market. They are designed to aid climbing progression and are designed to be full strength end to end. Please note, the individual pockets are designed to support bodyweight only. They should not be used to anchor yourself directly to a belay.

Measuring in at 135cm in length, they have an end-to-end strength of 22kN with an individual pocket strength of 2kN. When combined with your existing arborist tool kit, these daisy chains are an effective option that you'll find yourself relying on again and again. Suitable for high-use, professionals through to trainee climbers, each one is the support you need to confidently get to the desired location while relying on the tools at hand.

Here at Sorbus International, we have over a decade of experience providing products such as the DMM Daisy Chains to our customers. This affords us the knowledge and skill to find you the right product for your needs. If you have any questions about these chains or any of the other lines in our online range, contact the team here today.

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