Courant Stileo Lanyard Kit

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  • Courant Stileo Lanyard Kit

The Courant Stileo Lanyard Kit is a specialist tool used in the arborist trade. For added strength, it has been reinforced with a durable sheath. This makes it ideal for intensive and regular everyday work. Internally, the lanyard features a flexible steel core that allows the user to move freely with added peace of mind. In addition, this creates a rope that flexes easily and, as a result, is pleasant to use.

When combined with your existing kit, this lanyard works hard to support your needs. It can be used for climbing to tall heights and focusing your attention on the job at hand. To increase the lifespan, a reversible design allows you to alternate the direction of use in order to even out wear and minimise the risk of irreversible damage. For professional arborists, this works within any budget and allows you to keep your kit in top shape throughout the entire year. Each component within the lanyard is also replaceable, due mostly to the inclusion of a removable ascender.

Here at Sorbus International, we always aim to bring you the best products for your professional jobs. By sourcing items from respected brands, such as Courant, we can guarantee high-quality and reliable tools every single time. Combine this with affordable prices and we are able to ensure you have the right tool on hand and in perfect condition every single time. If you have any questions regarding the Courant Stileo Lanyard Kit, contact us today for more information.

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