Courant Small Mobile Pulley MOVA

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  • Courant Small Mobile Pulley MOVA

When it comes to hauling or deviations, the Courant Small Mobile Pulley MOVA is an ideal tool. Manufactured from a lightweight but strong metal, it is a professional tool that fits well within the arborist and forestry industries. The pulley has been manufactured with mobile flangers and bronze, self-lubricating bushes. During a busy day, these tools can be used to haul equipment up to higher working levels. This specific tool has been made by leading brand Courant and therefore promises high quality and durability over time. When used alongside your existing kit, it is sure to become essential to completing jobs efficiently and productively.

This pulley has been certified CE EN 12278. It is able to accommodate a maximum rope diameter of 12mm and offers a resistance of 20 kN. Weighing in at just 85g, it can be transported along with your existing tools without adding unnecessary bulk to your resources. This allows the pulley to meet the demands of high-traffic work or that on a construction site. No matter your need, it has the strength and durability to lead you to the best possible outcome.

Sorbus International provides a wide selection of high-quality tools for those that work at height. Specifically tailored to tree felling and forestry, each of our items has been chosen for it's high-quality and suitability to regular tasks. If you have any questions regarding Courant Small Mobile Pulley MOVA or any of our other products, contact us today for more information.

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