Courant Kanopa 12.1mm Climbing Rope

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  • Courant Kanopa 12.1mm Climbing Rope

The bestseller of the Courant brand. Kanopa is the best-selling rope in France. Users like its long-lasting flexibility, guaranteed without sock effect.

It is thanks to the multi-braid core and the sheath adjusted on state-of-the-art weaving mills that we were able to attain this excellent compromise.


Technology: XBRAID and I.T.N. SYSTEM


- Certification: CE EN 1891 type A

- Diameter: 12.1mm

- Mean breaking strength: 34 kN

- Resistance with figure-eight knot 28 kN

- Resistance with stitching: 30 kN

- Resistance with splicing: 24

- Elongation 50/150 Kg: 2.4%

- Weight per metre: 104 gr

- Knotting quality: 0.87

- Sheath percentage: 67%

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