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Courant Ferlette Retrieval Ball

  • £3.84

  • Brand: Courant
  • Product Code: CL-REL0BFYA
  • Inc. Tax:

Courant Logo 2015

  • Courant Ferlette Retrieval Ball

The Courant Ferlette Retrieval Ball is the ideal tool for professional arborists. The tailor-made design is specifically tailored to this industry, designed to make your everyday working life considerably easier. Manufactured by Courant, this neon coloured ball can be used for recovering friction savers and standard rings. The ball fully rotates on its polyester rope, allowing the clear branding or plain colour to be shown from any angle. In addition, the fluorescent colour stands out at a distance and will illuminate when flashes with a torch or other artificial light sources.

These balls are designed to fit in with your existing kit. The small dimension reduces bulk and makes them ideal for transportation. During high climbs, this minimises additional weight and allows you to move freely with all relevant tools. In addition, they are lightweight and weigh in at only 11g. Combined with other essential items, they form a vital part of your tree climbing kit. They are manufactured by leading brand, Courant, who specialise in bringing professional-level tools to those working at height. By bringing these retrieval balls to you on our online store, Sorbus International continues to bring the best quality products to you at the lowest prices.

Forestry and the arborist trade are our specialities. Over the years, we have built up a wealth of experience, allowing us to provide advice and recommendations. If you have any questions about the Courant Ferlette Retrieval Ball or any of our other products, please contact us today.

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