Courant Flexbee Lanyard Kit

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  • Courant Flexbee Lanyard Kit

Specifically for those who work at height, the Courant Flexbee Lanyard Kit has a tailored design. Workers who spend their days moving in trees will benefit from the style that is based on the Kanopa rope with its small diameter of just 11.7mm. This design choice allows the rope to be light and flexible, bending with your movements. As you pass through your daily tasks, the lanyard will provide the support and security you need without restricting your movements. Use this with the rest of your climbing equipment to see you safely up any tree or to the height you need to complete the job.

Certified to CE EN 358, this flexible lanyard can also be reversed. This extends the lifespan and evens out the wear caused through repeated use. Adjustment is by means of a hitch cord with pulley system. Available in 4 lengths with triple lock captive eye snap hook connector or standard Axxis TL karabiner. It is possible to replace each individual item of this lanyard.  As a completely new design, every component has been re-thought and replaced to heighten its suitability. Arborists and those in the forestry industry are sure to appreciate the tailor-made rope, ensuring they are able to focus on the tasks at hand. It sits alongside the other essential items in your climbing resources and is sure to become vital to your career and growing profession.

Here at Sorbus International, we pride ourselves in the range of high-quality products by well-respected brands that we provide to our customers. We also have years of experience in the trade combined with a wealth of knowledge. If you have any questions or queries regarding this lanyard or any other product in our range, contact us today.

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