Courant Axxis TL Karabiner

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  • Courant Axxis TL Karabiner

An innovative new design, the Courant Axxis TL Karabiner has been carefully manufactured. The bright red and gold colour is highly visual, allowing you to spot it within the rest of your kit. In addition, it has a zicral oval design, providing additional rope space and less friction against angular corners. This wide 21mm opening also allows a range of different rope widths to be used and allows you to personalize its use to suit your own climbing style. Whether in the forestry or arborist industry, this karabiner is an effective addition to your resources.

The Keylock system sees a rotating barrel screwed down into place. This offers reliability and security during any climb while also allowing ropes and straps to pass easily through the central hole. During high climbs, this smooths out the process and heightens productivity throughout the day. The karabiner is lightweight, weighing in at just 82 grams and can be slipping into pockets without causing excessive bulk. If climbing and working at height form a significant part of your professional life, this locking tool is a vital addition.

Here at Sorbus International, we work hard to bring you the best quality products at the best price. Courant are renowned for their sturdy karabiners, including the Axxis TL you see here. If you have any additional questions or queries regarding this oval Karabiner or any of the other climbing tools in our collection, contact our friendly team today. We will be happy to provide information and advice.

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