Courant has been an independent family business since its creation as far back as 1850. With every passing generation, Courant has got that little bit better, a little better know, and a lot more international. By its full name, Cordes Courant has been producing quality products to assure the safety of any person working or enjoying activities at a height. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the current regulations, as well as adapting to changes is second to none, which is expected when being operating for more than 150 years. 

All of their products are manufactured from their French headquarters in Angers using the finest tools and the invaluable knowledge their team has accumulated over long trading durations. 

A Green Brand

Courant is also a little more than a safety implementer for a number of professions working at heights. They are also a green brand and have been known to recover old PPE and ropes to be recycled.  Specifically, they have been in close partnership with ADEME to help reduce their carbon footprint. This is also a reason why they are committed to making long-lasting products, so materials do not go to waste. 

Record Breakers

Courant’s products are so good they have played an influential part in helping people win official world records. 3 to be exact! Two of which were for the longest zip lines of 1800 metres and 2100 metres as well as safely partaking in the highest perpendicular jump (425 metres). 

Other Services

As a brand, Courant does not just make quality goods. They also have a service to test your existing equipment to see if it is fit for purposes. As well as offering training – known as the “Lemon Experience” – to show how to tree fell in extreme conditions.

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