Courant Squir V2 Red 11.5mm - 60m

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  • Brand: Courant
  • Product Code: CL-MJ100RZCO60
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The New Courant Squir V2 is especially for SRT and/or use as an access line. Courant have re-developed their low stretch Squir rope with a more durable but still flexible sheath. Its low stretch capabilities (below 2% elongation) make the bounce effect of this 11.5mm rope to a minimal level when accessing the tree. Alongside this, Courant have heat treated the smooth polyester 32 strands rope for greater stability. The sheath endures the bites of sharp toothed cam ascenders and the rope stays firmly round while descending.

  • Courant Squir V2 Red 11.5mm - 60m

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·         Squir Version 2 

·         11.5mm - 60m

·         Red

·         Polyester 32 Strands

·         Especially for SRT and/or use as an access line

·         Durable but flexible sheath

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