Courant Victo- Acier Triple Lock Steel Karabiner

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  • Courant Victo- Acier Triple Lock Steel Karabiner

The Courant Victor- Acier Triple Lock Steel Karabiner has been specifically manufactured for working at height. From the arborist and forestry industries through to fire-fighting and rescue services, it offers strength and reliability. The strong metal used throughout the design is able to withstand high pressures while offering exceptional resistance. This prevents slipping during use and protects the safety of every single worker. A triple lock design eliminates the risk of opening during use, preventing falls and materials from being dropped during moving. The D-shaped design sits flush against the flat surface while offering ample space for ropes of different widths.

This karabiner has been manufactured by Courant to suit high-pressure environments. It can be locked by twisting the barrel until it clicks into place and provides a secure key lock. Ideal for multiple anchoring and removals, this lock suits the needs of professionals and promises to become a vital tool in your kit. For added peace of mind, it has been certified EN 362 and provides resistance up to 50 kN. Although it weighs just 234gr, the karabiner lock is strong and can be used for everyday, repeated service. For expert and professional use, this is the triple locking Karabiner you need.

Here at Sorbus International Limited, we strive to support professionals in all aspects of their job. If you have any questions regarding the Courant Victor- Acier Triple Lock Steel Karabiner or any of the other climbing locks in our collection, contact us today for more information.

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