CAMP is a specialist Italian brand that has been innovating top-class climbing products through 4 generations over 125 years. Situated in the Italian Alps, CAMP gear has always seen tough initial tests in the field and the result of their hard work is a range of gear that meets the very highest and most extreme standards for height safety.

CAMP has developed their products to offer the industrial and commercial height work industry rope, rescue and abseil equipment. CAMP has always focussed on specialist, modular and reliable equipment that also enhances the methods available to climbers and height workers. Safety has always been CAMP’s number one focus, though, and their extensive and rigorous tests ensure that their gear meets the very toughest demands. Born from real-life demand by the individuals who formed the company, CAMP’s gear is some of the best available worldwide.

CAMP’s gear now covers many height industries ranging from recreational and sport climbing to professional climbing in an array of natural or urban environments and settings. CAMP is completely transparent in regards to their technical and safety information and their test procedures and evidence are publicly available. CAMP is an excellent example of a company that has kept up with the fast-accelerating pace of modern climbing and their gear offers exciting new possibilities without compromise or corner-cutting.

CAMP’s products have innovated the height safety market with a variety of devices including harnesses, clamps, clips and straps. 

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