CE Climb Braided Safety Blue 12.7mm

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  • Brand: Teufelberger
  • Product Code: CNE0014-TV-
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Replacement rope for the CE Climb system.

The Braided safety blue combines features to ensure durability during climbing, unparalleled safety & ergonomics.

Available in 35m, 45m, or 60m lengths with a [slaiced]® termination.

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  • CE Climb Braided Safety Blue 12.7mm


  • Proprietary „blue“ safety core
  • Plied strand yarns for improved abrasion resistance
  • Protective coating improving durability and grip
  • Great ease of splicing

StandardsEN 1891AANSI Z133-201
Core: polyamide
Cover: polyester
Plait number: 16 

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