Insulated Trench Fork

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  • Insulated Trench Fork

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For use in construction, forestry or arborist environments, this Insulated Trench Fork is a versatile and hard-wearing tool. It allows the user to easily break up different ground materials when digging trenches. When used alongside an appropriate shovel, the fork allows you to create organised and tidy trenches in any foundation prior to cable laying. The four fork tines are manufactured in a thicker dimension and from a stronger material than traditional styles. This is to ensure it can pass through aggregate and other dense materials without bending or snapping.

The trench fork has also been manufactured with an insulated shaft. When it comes to digging in unknown grounds, the risk of hidden cables or wires can present significant risks to workers. By including an insulated shaft in the design, electrical currents are blocked and prevented from causing injury. This combined with a wear indicator to show when the fork is past its prime work together to improve safety, productivity and efficiency on the site. The tool is manufactured to meet BS 8020, features a handle length of 28" (711mm) and head dimensions of 12.15" x 8.25" (310mm x 210mm). It has been manufactured by respected British brand, Bulldog, and guaranteed to provide high-quality service.

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