Insulated Taper Mouth Shovel

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  • Insulated Taper Mouth Shovel

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This Insulated Taper Mouth Shovel is strong and durable. It has been entirely forged here in the UK by a respected brand, Bulldog, and is available to purchase online in our Sorbus International online store. The tailored design is specifically crafted for breaking into aggregate easily. A large, square head offers ample space for shovelling and removing high quantities of dirt, meaning that both productivity and efficiency can be heightened within any project. In addition, the head has a slightly textured finish. The benefits here include a reduction in slipping during use and slowing down the wear process, even in rigorous environments.

The insulated shaft built into this shovel is another feature designed to minimise risk. In the event the spade head comes into contact with unknown wires or cables during a dig, it prevents electricity from passing through and reaching the hands of the user. Alongside this, the protective cover also improves comfort during use and provides a brightly coloured surface for easy spotting on a busy site. To finish, a large D-shaped handle is easy to use and spreads the force through the entire palm of the hand. Shaft length is 28”, head dimension 12.5” x 10”.

This insulated tool is suitable for a range of different environments. Allowing you to focus on the quality of the job, it is sure to withstand repeated and regular use. If you have any questions or queries regarding this item or any of the other tools in our collection, contact us today for more information.

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