Insulated Square Trench Shovel

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  • Insulated Square Trench Shovel

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Specifically designed for digging in a foundation, the Insulated Square Trench Shovel meets the needs of professional use. It has been manufactured from strong and durable metal. The large square head has been tailored for shovelling large quantities of ground material to make neat and tidy trenches. It has also been treated to minimise the risk of slippage during use and to reduce the extreme effects of wear in these demanding environments. The curved design allows dirt to be removed effectively and fits the needs of the construction, arborist and forestry industries.

Manufactured by Bulldog, this square trench features an insulated shaft. Tested up to 1000V, if you should come into contact with unidentified cables or wires, it provides a non-conductive barrier to prevent shock. This is particularly important when digging on post-public land or more rugged environments. In addition, a wear indicator allows you to easily identify when a tool is coming to the end of its life. All of these features have been designed and implemented here in Britain to guarantee high-quality design. The square trench shovel has been manufactured to BS 8020 with a handle length of 28" (711mm) and head dimensions of 11.5" x 7.5" (290mm x 215mm).

Sorbus International Limited pride ourselves in offering high quality and durable tools to our customers. We work with the best suppliers to guarantee a selection of tools you can trust. If you have any questions regarding the Insulated Square Trench Shovel or any of the other tools in our collection, contact us today.

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