Insulated Square Mouth Shovel

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  • Insulated Square Mouth Shovel

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This Insulated Square Mouth Shovel can be used for a range of professional tasks. From digging trenches and shovelling material through to concrete mixing, it is useful to all individuals working in the construction, arborist and forestry industries. The large, square-shaped shovel has a textured finish to minimise slipping and wear over time. In addition, its large surface area allows a large degree of material to be removed at any given time or trenches of a specific width to be dug quickly. The use of strong and durable metal allows the shovel to pass through denser material easily and ensures it works appropriately in all different environments.

To further improve the protection of the user, this Square Mouth Shovel has been insulated throughout the shaft and collar. Not only does this heighten comfort during us, but also minimise the risk of injury. If you should come across an unidentified cable or wire during digging, this insulation provides a barrier to prevent the electricity from passing into hands. Improving productivity and efficiency on your worksite, this tool has been specifically tailored to meet the demands of a busy environment. This is clearly evident from its manufacture by respected British brand, Bulldog and their experience in tool making over the years.

Here at Sorbus, we pride ourselves in high-quality and durable tools for every task. If you have any questions or queries regarding this Square Mouth Shovel or any of the other tools in our collection, contact us today for more information.

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