Bite Workshop - 17th April - Myerscough College, nr Preston

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Sorbus are arranging the following UK BITE workshops hosted by Dr Elisa Dal Maso who is an expert in using the BITE system:

Developed by Professor Lucio Montecchio of the University of Padova (Italy), the BITE system (Blade for Infusion in TrEes) is a manual, simple to use, drill-free instrument with a small, perforated lenticular blade that enters the trunk by separating the woody fibres with minimal friction. EnerBite is a specially formulated binary potassium phosphite solution with added bio-stimulants that has been specifically developed for use with the BITE system.

Application of BITE/EnerBite is an ideal easy to apply, cost effective option to consider for use on trees that are under stress or in decline.

The lenticular shaped blade reduces the xylem vessels' cross section, increasing sap velocity which reduces sap pressure allowing the natural uptake of EnerBite up to the leaves, when transpiration rate is substantial during the Spring/Summer period.

EnerBite is rapidly taken up and translocated within the tree through the xylem vessels. This translates into a noticeable improvement in nutrition and immediate increase of vigour. EnerBite also induces the production of particular organic compounds responsible for the tree’s natural defence mechanisms, enabling the tree to better combat invasive organisms. 

More information on BITE/EnerBite can be found on our website here.

  • Bite Workshop - 17th April - Myerscough College, nr Preston

Wednesday 17th April 2019 – Myerscough College, nr Preston - Limited Spaces

Workshops include an in depth presentation followed by practical demonstrations where delegates can get hands-on experience of using the BITE system.

Itinerary for the day:

- Overview of existing plant/tree protection methods/products

- Overview of Photosynthesis and Transpiration

- Introduction of Endotherapy and the difference between Infusion and Injection

- Introduction of the BITE system - theory & development

- BITE components & BITE application

- Comparison of wound healing - drilling v BITE

- Advantages & limitations of the BITE system

- Infusion rate dependability ie tree species, ambient conditions etc

- What can be infused using BITE?

- Introduction of EnerBite - benefits / dosage / cost benefits etc

- Q & A session

*Cancellations are non-refundable*

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