Bashlin’s comprehensive range of climbing equipment specifically targets the lineworker marketplace. Line working demands extremely safe, durable and hard-wearing climbing devices that can be counted on day after day. 

This American company is world-renowned for their expertly designed and built equipment. Their reputation extends for 90 years and their equipment is now known for its world-class durability. Bashlin provides the lineworker market with the tools they can count on for their safety. Bashlin’s innovation in the industry has also changed the way lineworkers approach their work, offering them greater movement and flexibility in their role. 

Bashlin not only focuses on extreme and reliable durability but also comfort. Comfortable workwear is very important in the height work industry where workers spend extended periods of time at a height. Bashlin has focussed on linework gear for maintaining power lines but their ranges now extend to many types of height work in a range of natural or urban environments.

Our stock of Bashlin products covers safety wear like guards, pads and straps as well as technical equipment like steel climbers and irons. Bashlin is a proven brand that can be counted on, no matter what climbing demands you or your business has. 

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