CT Climb Quick Step-A Compact D-Right Foot Ascender

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  • CT Climb Quick Step-A Compact D-Right Foot Ascender

Providing support as you ascend and descend on tree climbs, the CT Climb Quick Step-A Compact D-Right Foot Ascender is specifically manufactured for professional use. Standing as an additional level of support, it grips close to the foot and offers a step up when quickly climbing the tallest obstacles. It has been manufactured by Climbing Technology and uses years of experience in the practical design to guarantee your safety at all times.

The bright orange and grey design is highly visible and allows other team members to visually monitor its position on your foot. In turn, the fully adjustable webbing can be altered, shortened and lengthened to fit snug to your boot, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Added support is offered with a reinforced tubular webbing on the lower side, giving peace of mind for maximum weights up to 150kg.

The cam/lever mechanism is fully integrated into the body of the support with a self-cleaning design that enables it to be used on dirty or icy ropes. When weather conditions provide an obstacle, this support helps you to make an informed decision and allows you to continue working, where safe. This D-Right Foot Ascender is ideal for working at height and tree climbing. The opening lever allows you to keep the mechanism open when inserting a rope without the risk of it slipping out.

If you have any questions regarding this CT Climb Quick Step-A Compact D-Right Foot Ascender, contact our expert and friendly team online today.

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