CT Climb Quick Step-A Compact D-Left Foot Ascender

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Climbing Technology

  • CT Climb Quick Step-A Compact D-Left Foot Ascender

Manufactured by Climbing Technology, the CT Climb Quick Step-A Compact D-Left Foot Ascender provides the stability you need to climb tall trees. Sitting around the base and ankle of your left foot, it offers a supportive hand and speeds up the ascent process. This professional-level tool has been specifically manufactured for the toughest environments and comes all the way from Italy.

For convenience, the cam/lever mechanism has been fully integrated into the body of the support. This reduces the need for excessive set-up before you are able to proceed with a climb. The self-cleaning cam works to enable this support to function fully, even when used on dirty or icy ropes. In doing so, your work won't be halted should bad weather stand as an obstacle to your ascent. Suitable for all foot sizes, the support can be adjusted to secure the webbing closer to your boot and ensure the correct positioning for safety.

Manufactured specifically for those working at height, an additional reinforcement at the lower side includes tubular webbing. Alongside this, an opening lever is provided as standard, allowing you to keep the device open when inserting a rope and preventing it from accidentally slipping out. The bright orange and grey colour design can be seen from the ground, providing an added sense of security as others within your team can easily identify whether it seems secure enough.

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