8mm Maillon Rapide Long G0Z08

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  • 8mm Maillon Rapide Long G0Z08

Maintain a strong and secure link throughout your entire ascent with the 8mm Maillon Rapide Long G0Z08. Designed and manufactured for professional use, this durable tool will become an essential part of your climbing kit. It has been made from industrial steel; a material known for its strength and resistance to rust. The elongated oval shape is ideal for ropes with smaller diameters and provides more length on the connection for higher climbs. It weighs in at 60g and can be stored effectively alongside the rest of your climbing tools, ensuring you're already ready to complete any job.

In accordance with current climbing regulations, the Maillon Rapide Long is certified CE EN 12275 type Q. It provides personal fall protection and can be used when working at height. An ideal option for businesses within both the arboriculture and forestry trade. We pride ourselves in bringing you the highest quality tools for your professional use, alongside the most cost-effective prices. Our goal is to aid in creating safe and productive environments where projects can be completed without issue or problem.

The technical specifications of this long rapide include a strength of 25 kN long axis and 10kN short axis. If you have any questions regarding this 8mm Maillon Rapide Long or any of the other rapides in our collection, contact us today. Our friendly and expert team have a wealth of knowledge to help you make an informed and professional choice as to any purchase. With over 10 years in the trade, we're on hand to support you with every purchase.

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