750mm Road Narrows Off Side Sign

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  • 750mm Road Narrows Off Side Sign

Our 750mm Road Narrows Off Side sign is an essential option for any construction business. Providing onlookers with vital information, these bold signs help to prevent injury and accidents in the local area. They have been designed to ensure legibility by all drivers. The recognisable triangular shape fits with the Highway Code regulations and issues a warning that should be used to judge one's own driving situation.

Here, two bold black lines indicate that the road ahead narrows on the offside. This could mean that the drive may be forced to move closer to the adjacent lane or merge into a single lane depending on the condition. Information like this allows road users to judge the upcoming situation and decide how they wish to proceed before any obstruction presents itself.

For convenience, these signs are manufactured to be entirely portable. The collapsible tripod adequately supports the sign during use, elevating it to an easily read position. Once it is no longer needed, the legs collapse and the entire sign can be packed into most standard cars and vans. The durable metal stands up well to different weather conditions and can be wiped clean, further extending the lifespan of your sign.

Here at Sorbus International Ltd, we understand the need for high quality and clear signs for your organisation. Our collection is available to purchase online and offers good value for money. Each sign has been made from durable and long-lasting materials with bold imagery to guarantee the message gets across.

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