750mm Road Narrows Near Side Sign

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  • 750mm Road Narrows Near Side Sign

Providing clear instructions to road users, this Road Narrows Near Side Sign is a vital tool for any business dealing with large and small-scale construction. Following the Highway Code regulations, it uses bright and recognisable imagery to alert road users to a change in conditions. The bold black lines indicate that the near side lane will narrow off and traffic may be forced to travel closer or merge into a single lane. By providing this information early on, road users are given the opportunity to assess and pre-plan their driving style accordingly.

In accordance with UK regulations, this triangular sign issues a warning to onlookers. The bright red border shows the urgency of the information and ensures it can be seen from a distance; especially by those in moving vehicles. For convenience, it comes on a collapsible tripod. Simply erect the stand and place this sign in the optimal position for viewing. When it is no longer needed, the tripod legs can be folded away compactly and the portable sign fits comfortably in most standard boots or vans.

This sign is a vital tool for any business dealing with large and small-scale construction projects. It is easy to set up and highly effective in preventing injury and accidents. The durable metal design withstands most weather conditions and can be wiped clean for quick, easy maintenance. If you have any questions about this 750mm road narrows near side sign or any of the other products in our collection, contact us today.

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