750mm Blue Arrow Reversible Panel Sign

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  • 750mm Blue Arrow Reversible Panel Sign

Offering directional instructions, this Blue Arrow Reversible Road Sign ensures the safety of every road user. The bright blue and white colour combination has long been used, primarily due to its high visibility. Suitable for use during construction works or operational projects that restrict road access, it can be used to direct cars and vehicles around an obstacle. The use of a round silhouette fits with the Highway Code regulations and creates an order that must be followed by all road users. In turn, the pointed arrow offers clear direction and uses a symbol that is quickly and easily recognised across languages.

For practical measures, this sign has a reversible design. This allows you to direct traffic from both sides while also ensuring the correct information is given every single time. It can collapse down fully, folding into a slim and compact package. Simply stack into most standard cars or vehicles and transport it to the desired site. This portable nature allows you to display this sign in any location and according to your individual requirements.

Here at Sorbus, we strive to bring you high-quality signage for your work areas. Each of our collapsible signs are fully portable with a supportive tripod to hold them in place sturdily. They follow all relevant regulations and requirements while putting the safety of everyone in the vicinity at the height of importance. If you have any questions or queries regarding our 750mm blue arrow reversible panel sign of any of our other products, contact us today.

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