7" Draw Hoe

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  • 7" Draw Hoe

Our 7” Draw Hoe is a professional tool for arborists across the country. It provides the strength, exceptional cutting power and results required to complete any job accurately. When used appropriately, it helps to improve the quality of your work while becoming a staple tool in your box.

This hoe has been manufactured for stability and longevity. The carbon steel blade has a square design - ideal when used in a chopping motion to pass through tough bark or tree materials. In addition, the rust-resistant material minimises the effects of wear over time, thereby reducing the need for repeat purchases.

It has been fitted with a 54" Ash handle. Not only providing exceptional grip during use, but the choice of material also helps to minimise weight. Suitable for use in professional environments, this improves the quality of your work and the fatigue commonly experienced when using heavier tools.

This professional-quality hoe has been manufactured here in Britain. Giving tools to the arboriculture and forestry industry, Sorbus International Limited strives to provide high-quality products that last the test of time. With over 10 years of experience in our field, we have established solid relationships with leading suppliers to bring you the best.

Contact us today for more information about our 7" Draw Hoe or any of the other products available in our online store. We have a wealth of knowledge within our field and are able to advise on everything from PPE through to rigging tools.

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