600mm Road Narrows Near Side Sign

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  • 600mm Road Narrows Near Side Sign

Clear and informative, our Road Narrows Near Side Sign is a visual indicator to drivers of a change in the upcoming road environment. Keeping safety at the forefront of priority, it helps to reduce the risk of accidents and keeps road users away from situations that could cause them to change their driving situation.

Seen across the UK, this recognisable sign has been printed with highly visible black and red ink. The triangular design acts as a warning and stays in line with the Highway Code recommendations for road-legal signage. Two clear black lines - both indicating road lanes - can be seen from a distance and visually explain the changes up ahead.

As a road legal sign, it can be positioned alongside your construction site or as a pre-warning prior to the temporary/permanent road change to give drivers ample advance notice.

This sign is part of our portable signage system collection and comes fitted with a collapsible tripod. Providing support, it brings the sign to an appropriate height for all road users while the retro-reflective surface minimises the impact of glare during the night. Once no longer required, the tripod collapses easily to reduce bulk and store away compactly with your existing signage options.

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