600mm Men at Work Sign

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  • 600mm Men at Work Sign

A standard safety feature for worksites and construction areas alike, this Men at Work Sign is clearly identifiable. Designed to notify colleagues, vehicles and the general public of roadworks or other hazardous activity in the area, it can be easily spotted from a distance. This sign is entirely road legal and has been designed to comply with all necessary standards and requirements.

Seen across the UK, the triangular sign stays compliant with the Highway Code recommendations and acts as a warning to passers-by. Framed in red and featuring a black figure on a white background. When displayed on roads, the retroreflective screen reduces the effect of glare and ensures drivers can read the visual information regardless of weather or time of day.

The sign comes as standard with a collapsible tripod. Easy to install, the stand allows it to be displayed on any hard and flat surface. For added support, sandbags can be used to weigh down the support without obstructing the sign's information. When no longer required, the tripod can be collapsed in seconds and the sign stored compactly and without bulk.

Here at Sorbus UK, we have a range of high-quality and compliant signage options to ensure the safety of your workers and the general public. Contact us today for more information about this sign or any of the other professional-quality products available on our website.

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