ARS 380 Handy Craft Scissors

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  • ARS 380 Handy Craft Scissors
Designed by one of the top manufacturers in the industry, ARS, these scissors have been designed specifically to handle the tough and challenging requirements of bonsai pruning. With their extended pivot point, they allow for even easier access into even the tightest spots, and this makes them ideal for intricate gardening tasks.

Enabling the user to make deep and easy cuts into their bonsai plants, the ARS 380 cutting scissors are suitable for use by either right or left-handed gardeners. They also feature a blade that is made from high carbon steel, guaranteeing long lasting durability and resistance.

The blades have been Marquench hardened and feature a hard chrome plating to protect effectively from sap and rust while also increasing their cutting potential. Maintaining their sharpness in the long term, these scissors are low maintenance and great value for money.

These scissors weigh only 90 grams and measure just 195 mm in length, making them simple to handle and easy to operate. The user can also enjoy the complete comfort of use thanks to the ergonomically designed soft bow handle which fits into their hand comfortably without causing any pain. Made from soft PVC, the handle’s grip makes this a very user-friendly product that will stand the test of time.

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