ARS 360-M Handy Craft Scissors

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  • ARS 360-M Handy Craft Scissors
Craft lovers will appreciate the strength and sharpness of these ARS 360-M mini handicraft scissors which have been designed specifically for use during embroidery applications. Manufactured from top quality materials by one of the leading brands, these scissors are perfect for hobbyists.

Although they are primarily for embroidery use, these strong and resilient scissors are also suitable for a number of other applications thanks to their sharp blades and excellent quality materials. Made from high carbon steel for greater robustness, these scissors are finished with hard chrome plating to guarantee a strong and sharp cutting surface that will remain intact in the long term.

The comfortable and ergonomically designed plastic handle has been shaped so that it fits comfortably into the user’s hand, allowing for ease of use even for extended periods. As these scissors also only weigh as little as 50 grams, they won’t tire the user’s hand, even if they are being used repeatedly through the course of the day.

The short blade has been designed with a curve to allow for easier tackling of handicraft applications, and the short overall length of these scissors at just 125 mm makes them simpler to use during needlework tasks or for most multipurpose uses.

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