360 Degree Adaptor

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  • 360 Degree Adaptor
Designed for use with all Vertex laser rangefinders, the Haglof 360-degree adapter can either be used as a replacement for an existing adapter or can be used to enhance the functionality of your device.

Working in combination with the T3 Transponder and Plot Centre Staff or Monopod, this convenient adapter enables your Vertex range finder to accurately take complete distance measurements within a full circle of 360 degrees.

When this adapter is attached to the Plot Centre Staff’s top, the T3 Transponder will then fit onto it allowing the Ultrasound technique to be used more conveniently, spreading the signal throughout the full 360 degrees.
Made from high-quality materials, this adapter is an excellent addition to any Vertex rangefinder, allowing the user to walk around their transponder in a complete circle in order to obtain precise distance measurements easily and quickly, determining the plot radius with a single touch of a button.

Durable, strong and resilient, this adapter has been designed to the highest standards for long lasting use as you would expect from a product from the high-quality Haglof brand. It is suitable for use with the following Vertex rangefinder models: Vertex IV Vertex VL402 DME Kit.

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