ARS 320DX-T Grape Scissors

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  • ARS 320DX-T Grape Scissors
Finding high-quality scissors for grape picking needn’t be a challenge with the ARS-320DX-T cultivation tool. Designed specifically for grape harvesting, these scissors come from one of the best brands in the industry, ARS, so you can be confident of excellent manufacturing quality, together with strength, resilience and long-term functionality.

The thin, straight blade allows for easier harvesting, and the ARS-320DX-T scissors are user-friendly for speedier cutting. Users can be confident that the sharpness of the blade remains intact in the long term, keeping ongoing maintenance requirements to an absolute minimum.

This tool is made using only high-quality high carbon stainless steel for excellent robustness and functionality over an extended period of time. The ergonomically designed handle, meanwhile, allows gardeners to obtain even greater control over their harvesting while also enjoying optimal comfort during long-term use. The plastic grip has been made so that it is a perfect fit in the user’s hand, and as it can be used just as easily by right or left-handed users, it is a flexible and convenient choice.

The ARS-320DX-T cultivation tool is also very easy to clean and sharpen following use, and with its light construction and short length, it makes the perfect choice for all keen gardeners’ tool kits.

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