ARS 320DX-M Angled Grape Scissors

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  • ARS 320DX-M Angled Grape Scissors
When you need to find a pair of high-quality cultivation scissors for grape harvesting, the ARS-320DX-M tool is the ideal choice. Made by one of the cultivation industry’s top brands, ARS, these scissors are resilient and strong while also remaining highly functional in the long term.

Featuring a thin and angled blade for simple harvesting, the ARS-320DX-M scissors are very user-friendly and allow for even faster cutting. The blade sharpness remains intact for an extended period, so ongoing maintenance is kept to a minimum while productivity is boosted to the max.

Manufactured with only the best quality high carbon steel, the durable narrow blades guarantee optimal functionality. Meanwhile, the handles have been ergonomically designed, allowing the gardener even more control as well as optimal comfort, even during continued use. The orange plastic grip fits perfectly into the hand of the user for no discomfort at all during the day. It is even suitable for use by either left or right-handed users for even greater convenience.

As an additional bonus, the ARS-320DX-M grape picking scissors couldn’t be simpler to sharpen and clean after use.  With a lightweight construction and short overall length, this tool is an ideal addition to any gardener’s tool kit.

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