ARS 320B-M Grape Scissors

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  • ARS 320B-M Grape Scissors
When you’re searching for grape picking scissors and only the best will do, the ARS-320B-M tool is the perfect choice for you. Made by one of the top brands in the business, these harvesting scissors offer strength and resilience for long-term use without compromising on functionality.

Featuring a durable bent-up blade which allows for easier and swifter cutting on flat surfaces, these scissors also boast super-sharpness for greater productivity and ease of use. Not only are the blades incredibly sharp when this tool comes out of the box, but they also remain sharp in the long term for low ongoing maintenance and highly efficient long-term use.

Not only are the blades made from strong high carbon steel with a black finish, but the handles have been ergonomically designed to allow for optimal comfort throughout continued use. The plastic grip fits well into the gardener’s hand making this one of the most user-friendly options on the market.

Even better, this tool is simple to sharpen and to keep clean, and thanks to its thin curving blade, it won’t damage your fruit during picking. Since these scissors measure only 155 mm in length and have a light weight of only 55 grams, they couldn’t be easier to use.

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