ARS 316 Flower Arrangement

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  • ARS 316 Flower Arrangement
When it comes to cutting floral wire, it’s important to ensure that your scissors are up to the job in hand. ARS is well known for its high-quality manufacturing standards, and their ARS-316 wire cutting scissors won’t disappoint.

Designed specifically with cutting floral wire in mind, these snips are capable of handling wire that measures up to a maximum of 1.5mm. Thanks to their strong construction of high carbon steel, you can rest assured that this tool will stay sharp and highly effective in the long term.

Featuring precision ground blades, ARS-316 scissors have been hard chrome plated and promise a smooth cutting action while guaranteeing outstanding rust protection. Thanks to the Marquench hardening of the blades, the sharp edge will be maintained in the long term, ensuring minimal ongoing maintenance and a long-lasting superior cutting performance. The ergonomically designed outer handle coating has also been made from a soft PVC material so that the user won’t experience any discomfort when using this tool.

Weighing just 105 grams and measuring 170 mm in length, this is a simple tool to handle and is lightweight enough to use for extended periods without pain, allowing keen gardeners and flower arrangers to cut floral wire as often as they like.

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