ARS 310T Fruit Pruner

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  • ARS 310T Fruit Pruner
The ARS-310t pruner is one of the most popular selling items from the ARS gardening tool range, and it isn’t hard to see why. With its outstanding ergonomic design and ease of use, it is flexible and versatile enough to use for a wide range of general gardening tasks.

This tool can be used to pick flowers and vegetables as well as fruit, and thanks to its straight-edged blades, it allows for quick and easy cutting. Convenient, thanks to its lightweight construction, and flexible, the 310t is made from durable high-quality materials. The blade is manufactured from the best quality high carbon steel, ensuring that its cutting ability is second to none. The handle boasts a steel core for added strength and robustness but also features a coating of soft PVC. This not only guarantees an outstanding grip but also allows for maximum comfort even when being used for an extended period.

The ARS-310t pruner measures only 160 mm in length, and since it weighs just 90g and has been designed ergonomically to fit perfectly into the gardener’s hand, it can be used for longer periods of time without experiencing any discomfort or pain.

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