31 SNR Hygiene Kits for HE0025

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Maintaining your ear defenders’ proper sound attenuation performance is essential for safety on any job site. In order to do this, regular replacement of the inserts and cushions is essential. It is recommended that you use a fresh hygiene kit for your ear defenders a minimum of twice per year. To guarantee proper performance and maximum safety, as well as optimal levels of hygiene, you should always use inserts and cushions which have been specifically designed for use with your brand of ear defenders.

These high-quality hygiene kits are designed to be used only with 31 SNR Sordin Ear Defenders. These replacement kits are made to the highest standards using top quality materials for maximum comfort and sound protection so workers can stay safe on even the noisiest job site.

The kit comes complete with the three essential replacement components necessary to keep your Sordin ear defenders functioning at the optimal level of protection – an inner replacement earpiece foam together with an outer ear cushion ring and an easy-clean hygiene cover.

These hygiene kits are capable of extending the life of your Sordin ear protection in a quick and easy way, ensuring optimal hygiene and maximum hearing protection on the job site.

  • 31 SNR Hygiene Kits for HE0025
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    • 2 cushions
    • 2 top layers

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