26SNR Hygiene Kits for HE0025B

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When you purchased your Sordin Ear Defenders (26 SNR), it goes without saying that to keep their performance as outstanding as when you made the initial purchase, you would have to take good care of them. 

One paramount maintenance procedure with all ear defenders is to replace their cushions and inserts. When using your ear defenders regularly, these will need to be replaced at least every 6-month period. By replacing them this frequently you can rest assured that your ear defenders remain in tip-top working order and will continue to provide the safety you need when operating loud machines and tools. 

MSA are leaders in supplying customers with leading products to ensure this maintenance procedure is carried out with the best results and is the reason we stock their reliable products. One of these products is the 26SNR Hygiene Kit which is everything you need to replace those earmuffs and continue with work in comfort and safety.

  • 26SNR Hygiene Kits for HE0025B
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  • 2 cushions
  • 2 attenuation foams

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