ARS-211 Replacement Blade for ARS-210DX

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  • ARS-211 Replacement Blade for ARS-210DX
If you were sensible enough to purchase one of ARS’s quality 210 DX pocket saws and are looking to get a shiny new replacement blade, then we now stock these quality blades at competitive prices. 

Even the most well-manufactured and robust materials can need replacing after a long time and frequent uses. So instead of getting a whole new pocket saw, it may be more worthwhile and an equally worthy investment if you replace the blade alone.

Our replacement blades mirror the state-of-the-art features that the original blade has from the standard complete product. The blade has been professionally designed and is manufactured from carbon steel and strong chrome plates, so it cuts smoothly with ease, is much easier to maintain and will not suffer from rust or be susceptible to damage easily. Not to mention the its taper ground feature to avoid it getting stuck halfway through those tougher cuts.  The dimensions of the straight blade are a comparable 6” in length, have a tooth pick of 4mm and a thickness of 1.2mm. 

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