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  • 210 DX
The 210 DX pruning saw manufactured by the well-established and reliable ARS is one not to miss out on. Especial for the economic price it is currently set at. The product itself is used within vineyards and orchards worldwide but can also be used in a range of other cutting tasks. 

The 15cm saw is made of some reliable and robust materials to ensure this is more of an investment than a purchase. Starting with the handle, it has been injection moulded, so it will not break easily, even when accidentally dropping it from heights. The blade has also been carefully designed and is made from carbon steel and solid chrome plates. Thus, it cuts outstandingly, is easier to maintain and will not get rusty. Not to mention the taper ground to avoid it getting stuck halfway through them tougher cuts. 

This product can be used by anyone, even domestic DIYers with no experience because it has exceptional blade-locking safety features to keep accidents at bay. At only 140 grams, it is also easy to transport and fits in a standard pocket and can be used for long durations without letting you get too tired.

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