18mm Marlow Dead Eye Sling - 5m

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  • 18mm Marlow Dead Eye Sling - 5m
At Sorbus, we stock some of the industry-leading ropes, slings, cords designed for demanding environments such as military usage, sports use and arboriculture needs. Within our extensive collection of well-manufactured products, we stock a fleet of dead eye slings. One of our most popular being the 18mm Dead Eye Sling (5 metres) from Marlow. 

Deadeye slings fall in the supporting rope category and offer many uses to different people. They are most commonly used as rigging slings and to safely perform different tasks by tree surgeons, including assisting in tree removal. They may also be used by climbers in rarer circumstances. 

This Marlow dead eye sling continues to make use of the exceptional Marlowbraid design and a considerable 18mm width to afford users a strong sling with a low stretch capability. The sling is also wrapped in a robust polyester cover to avoid the necessity of PU coatings. We bring this product to our valued customers in two different sizes with 100mm pre-spliced protective eyes. 

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