ARS 185 Longreach Lopper

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  • ARS 185 Longreach Lopper
If you are looking for a solution to troublesome overhanging branches or to just tidy up the edges of your garden, you should consider our exceptional 185 Longreach Lopper. A lopper is a gardening tool that is used to remove diseased areas of trees effortlessly, as well as general pruning and garden maintenance. This state-of-the-art lopper is capable of effectively cutting through even the thickest of branches and tree limbs. Cuts are always clean, and the results are always more than satisfactory.

This lopper, in particular, has some convenience and performance features to rival other competing models. Cutting through tough branches is not as difficult as may be expected because it has been fitted with a lever mechanism and a convertible arm to enable you to manoeuvre the tool’s pruning blades into any direction without having to adjust your hands and arms into awkward and uncomfortable positions. This makes it the perfect gardening companion when faced with those difficult to reach overhanging branches in hard-to-reach places. Operating this product is packed with quality design and manufacturing as the lopper also has aluminium arms and weighs less than 3 lbs. for ease of use.

Most domestic and commercial gardening tasks are well within this product’s capabilities and you are unlikely to find a more customer-centred, high-performing and reliable product for a wallet-friendly price.

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