ARS 150-1 Spare Blade

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  • ARS 150-1 Spare Blade

Sorbus makes it easy for professional arborists and other workmen to get the most out of their equipment. The spare set of blades, which fit effortlessly into the 150-0.6 rose shears, means experts can save money without having to compromise on quality. The highly durable blades are made to last and are crafted from carbon steel, ensuring they easily cut through plants with a clean finish that experienced workers will appreciate. When the blade has become dull, it’s a simple step to replace with new blades that will get the job done.

The 150-0.6 rose shears these blades are designed to work with, make it easy for work with thorny or potentially irritant plants. The lightweight design makes it effortless to use the hold and cut mechanism while carrying out routine pruning tasks without having to worry about exposed skin. With spare blade sets available to buy on demand, you can always make the most of your rose shears. 

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