ARS 150-0.6 Long Reach Pruner

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  • ARS 150-0.6 Long Reach Pruner
When you’re working with plants that have a thorny exterior or could potentially act as a skin irritant, the 150-0.6 professional standard rose pruner is just what you need. It allows you to hold and prune plants with complete control without having to come into contact with them directly. It’s suitable for a range of common plants, such as roses and brambles, thanks to its long reach. All you need to do is position the blades and gently squeeze to effortlessly cut throughout the plant without coming into contact. Unlike other cut and hold pruners in the range the 15-0.6 has a less aggressive hold to reduce the chance of excessive damage to the plant.

The handle portion of the rose pruner has been designed with your comfort in mind and to reduce fatigue, ideal for when you’re working on a large project. The high carbon steel and hard chrome plating have been chosen to maximise performance, cutting the risk of corrosion and damage occurring while still remaining lightweight for ease of use. 

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