14mm Yellow Double Esterlon - 60m Unspliced

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  • 14mm Yellow Double Esterlon - 60m Unspliced

Double Esterlon - Free running in blocks - Ideal for use in lowering systems, Double Esterlon supplies unmatched rope strength and durability. Constructed using Allied Signal's high tenacity type IW81 cordage finish polyester, Double Esterlon is the strongest polyester double braid available. Low stretch, long wear life and superior strength make Double Esterlon the rope to choose for use in lowering devices, pulleys, speedlines and rigging slings.
To enhance performance, Double Esterlon is coated with Yale's Tree-Grade Maxijacket urethane. In addition to the increased abrasion resistance it provides, Maxijacket is available in a variety of colors which we use to color-code ropes for easy size identification.

Colour: Yellow

Average Strength: 5942kg

Minimum Strength: 5348kg


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