ARS-120-EU-R Pruning Shears

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  • ARS-120-EU-R  Pruning Shears

If your day to day tasks frequently require the use of cut and hold secateurs, this model in our range gives you everything you need. The 120-EU-R model is perfect for all common tasks, promising to provide you with a sturdy, strong grip as you cut away the object in question, whether it’s a thin branch of a tree or another plant. The easy to use and reliable design means you can focus your attention on the job at hand. 

The 210mm length of the cut and hold secateurs is perfect for when you want to exert maximum control when you’re working, while the 230g weight means it’s relatively light for your comfort when using it. The blade is crafted from professional high carbon steel and hard chrome plating, so you know that it’ll continue to perform well throughout numerous jobs, minimising the number of replacements you need to make to your essential toolkit. Manufactured in Japan.

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