1 x Chisel Drilling Needle - For Use with 45 Degree Adaptor

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  • 1 x Chisel Drilling Needle - For Use with 45 Degree Adaptor
When you need a chisel drilling needle that will work perfectly with your 45 degree adaptor IML-RESI F-Series, look no further than our offering. While standard drilling needles are too short for the 45 degree adaptor, ours integrate effortlessly, ensuring precision, efficiency, and ease of use every time your job demands you use the tool.

Designed specifically for utility pole inspection, these chisel drilling needles are ideal. They’re crafted from a special steel alloy to deliver sturdiness and a high level of stability, making it easier to be meticulous with your work. Each needle also benefits from a coated surface and reinforced needle tip that ensures your tools continue to perform well even after multiple uses. We guarantee that our chisel drilling needles will withstand normal, regular use, providing you with value for money whenever they’re used. With the ability to purchase a single drilling needle, you can place an order that matches your business needs too. 

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