PICUS 2 Sonic Tomography System

PICUS 2 Sonic Tomography System
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This is the second generation PICUS sonic tomography system which uses the PICUS Electronic Hammer (PEH) or PICUS Radio Hammer (PRH) included with each kit enabling testing to be done with more test points than sensors. The original PICUS system was supplied with either 10 or 12 sensors and this was the limit for the test points to be used. If more test points were required then more sensors were needed. When testing very large trees it is often desirable to have more test points – the more test points you have the more data is recorded which improves the accuracy of the final tomogram. With the PICUS 2 system the number of test points you can have is virtually limitless, indeed the most test points ever used was on very large Californian Redwood over 5 metres in diameter where 66 test points were used!

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